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Lincoln County Government
353 N. Generals Blvd.
Lincolnton, NC 28092
Permits, Fees and Fines

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Fee Schedule for Permits, Inspections, Plan Reviews and Fire Code Violation Fines 306 KB
Plan Review Requirements  24 KB

Permits, Inspection Fee and Service Fee Schedules and Civil Citation Fines are now available for you to download. Click on the permit application below that you need and fill it out and bring it to the Fire Marshal's Office at the Lincoln County Courthouse, 1 Court Square, Lincolnton (Office is in the basement) or mail it to Fire Marshal, 115 West Main Street, Lincolnton, NC 28092.


ABC Licenses Permit  45 KB
Above Ground Storage Tank Permit  46 KB
Amusement Building Permit  48 KB
Assessment of Carbon Monoxide Risk Reduction in Lodging Establishments Permit  286KB
Assessment of Carbon Monoxide Detector Check Off Sheet  250KB
Aviation Facilities Permit  48 KB
Below Ground Storage Permit  46 KB
Blank General Permit  45 KB
Blasting Agent or Blasting Permit  47 KB
Bonfire Permit  45 KB
Carnivals Permit  45 KB
Combustible Dust Producing Operation Permit  46 KB
Combustible Fibers Permit  45 KB
Compressed Gases Permit  46 KB
Covered Mall Buildings Permit  45 KB
Cryogenic Fluids Permit  46 KB
Dispensing of Flammable or Combustible Liquids Permit  46 KB
Dry Cleaning Operations Permit  45 KB
Dry Oven Permit  47 KB
Excavation Below Grade Within 10Ft of Flammable/Combustible Liquid Pipeline  46 KB
Exhibits and Trade Show Permit  45 KB
Fire Alarm System Permit  47 KB
Fire Pumps Permit  46 KB
Fireworks Indoors Permit  47 KB
Fireworks Outdoors Permit  47 KB
Flammable Finish Operations Permit  46 KB
Fruit Ripening Permit  45 KB
Fuel Dispensing Equipment or Work Permit  84 KB
Fumigation and Thermal Insecticidal Fogging Permit  46 KB
Haunted House Permit  48 KB
Haunted Trail Permit  46 KB
Hazardous Materials Permit  46 KB
High Piled Stock Storage Permit   46 KB
High Rack Storage Permit  46 KB
Hoods Fire Systems Permit   47 KB
Industrial Ovens Permit  46 KB
Liquefied Natural Gas Permit  46 KB
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Permit  46 KB
Liquid or Gas Fueled Vehicles/Equipment in Assembly Buildings Permit  45 KB
Lumber Yard Storage Permit  45 KB
Magnesium Permit   45 KB
Mall Building Displays/Displays of Gasoline - Combustible Powered Equipment or Vehicles    46 KB
Motion Picture Storage and Use Permit  45 KB
Occupancy - Temporary Occupancy Load Increase Permit  88 KB
Open Flame Permit  46 KB
Organic Coating Operations   46 KB
Places of Assembly Occupancy Permit  46 KB
Pulverized Particles Permit   46 KB
Pyrotechnic Display  47 KB
Pyroxylin Plastic Permit   46 KB
Removal or Disposal of Flammable Liquids Tanks Permit   46 KB
Repair Garage Permit   45 KB
Spraying or Dripping Permit   46 KB
Sprinkler Standpipe System Permit   47 KB
Stationary Storage Battery Systems Permit   46 KB
Storage of Cellulose Nitrate Plastic Permit   45 KB
Storage of Explosives or Blasting Permit  47 KB
Storage of Flammable or Combustible Liquids Permit  46 KB
Storage of Matches Permit  45 KB
Storage of Scrap Tires and Tire By-Products    46 KB
Tanker Vehicles for Flammable or Combustible Liquids Permit   46 KB
Tents, Membrane and Air Supported Structures Permit  46 KB
Tire Rebuilding Plant Permit  45 KB
Welding and Cutting Permit  45 KB