Conservation Education Program

The Lincoln Soil and Water Conservation District offers a Conservation Education Program that is designed to provide current conservation information to learners of any age (K-12 grade, civic/church groups/organizations, etc). This program includes classroom presentations in schools, field days, farm tours, presentations to civic and other groups, training students for the North Carolina Envirothon, information meetings, newsletters and various other educational activities. The programs may include crafts, games, activities, etc. that will get the students involved.

Some of the most requested programs are as follows:

  • 3rd grade program on soils and making "dirt babies"
  • Soil & Water Conservation puppet show for K-3 grade
  • Soils & Soil Survey for high school students


Presentations can be tailored to your group's specific need or interest. Each activity is geared for the specific age range of the group. The District Staff works to be as flexible as possible to provide conservation information in an enjoyable, interesting, and informative manner. Topics for presentations have included basic information on soil and water, land use issues, water conservation, wildlife habitat improvement, backyard conservation measures and many other issues that relate to natural resource conservation.

To schedule a environmental education program/activity e-mail Patty Dellinger, District Director or call her at 704-736-8501.

Links to educational video's that can be used in the classroom:

Soils/Dirt Babies

Soil & Water Recycling Crafts

Importance of Soil