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  • WW® (formerly known as Weight Watchers®) 6-month membership and 1-1 counseling with health coach for members ages 13 and up who qualify.
  • Curves Complete program with 3 months 1-1 counseling on diet, nutrition and weight loss with health coach for members ages 12 and up.
  • Health and wellness coaches for qualified members ages 12 and up in care management program and/or Curves or WW®.
  • Up to $75 in gift or e-gift cards for members who complete Healthy Rewards activities.
  • Swipe-and-Save discount card with monthly discounts for needed items like milk, bread, detergent and over-the-counter (OTC) pharmacy items for members who complete a Healthy Reward activity.
  • CVS discount card with 20% discount on CVS-pharmacy brand OTC items for members and families.
  • Up to $120 in OTC health care items each year, mailed to member’s home with no prescription required.



  • 1 sports physical per calendar year with PCP for members ages 6-18.
  • 4-H Club activities costs covered for members ages 5-18, up to $10 per member yearly.
  • Yearly diabetes camp for qualified members ages 8 to 17 to get resources and learn about diabetes, early symptoms and treatments.
  • Free yearly Boy Scouts membership with free yearly subscription to Boys’ Life magazine for members ages 5-18.
  • Free yearly Girl Scouts membership for members ages 5-18, and free yearly adult membership for parent to be troop leader and take part in activities.
  • Healthy Kids Club for members ages 4-11 and their parents, caregivers, and guardians with resources on prevention of health conditions.



  • Steps2Success program with:
    • Up to $300 in Reading Scholarships for members who qualify in pre‐K through 12th grade, 12 sessions per year, up to 2 hours per session for any subject, for members up to age 21.
    • $120 voucher for GED testing for members, ages 16-21.



  • 2 carpet cleaning services per year for members diagnosed with asthma or $200 reimbursement for members living in an apartment.
  • Up to $100 in hypo-allergenic bedding, including mattress cases and pillowcases, per year or as medically necessary, for members with asthma.
  • Vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter for members with asthma, 1 per lifetime, for members in a home or apartment with carpet.
  • Qualified members get a peak flow meter to monitor and determine asthma symptoms.



  • Baby supplies, including stroller, playpen, car seat or 6 packs of diapers, up to $450 value, for pregnant members ages 12 and up who go to at least 1 prenatal visit in the Healthy Rewards program.
  • Local community baby showers for pregnant members and/or new mothers ages 12 and up, with gifts and tips for staying healthy.
  • Cost of 1 electric breast pump ($140 value) covered for every delivery for qualified members ages 12 and older who were denied a breast pump through Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC).
  • Pregnant teens program with non-medical, certified birth companion, birth coach, advocate and post‐birth supporter for pregnant teen member teen members ages 13-20 who live in a group home or a home with minimal parental support.
  • Yearly exam for moms disenrolled after delivering baby, as long as child still enrolled.
  • Routine circumcision procedure for members up to 6 months old.

Phone program

  • 1 smartphone per member with 350 minutes of talk time monthly, unlimited text messaging and 3 GB of data per month.


Substance Use Disorder (SUD) recovery

No extra services.


Behavioral health

  • MyStrength Therapeutics Program with free, private, online cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) program with behavioral health tools.


Alternative healing

  • Unlimited acupuncture services as medically necessary with pre-approval for members ages 21 and up.



  • Expanded free transportation to WIC and Healthy Children and Youth (HCY) appointments, prescription pick-up, non-medical transportation, educational and childbirth classes and other covered services. Free transportation to covered services for Health Choice members.


Parent, peer and online support

  • Support and training for qualified parents who have children with serious emotional disturbance (SED) to develop children's physical, emotional, social and intellectual skills.
  • Online virtual communities tool for members and providers to discuss local events, health topics, community resources, etc.


Chiropractic care

  • Unlimited visits for members ages 21 and up for back pain and general body wellness, with pre-approval.



Home-delivered meals

  • 10 meals per year for members who qualify based on medical necessity and pre-approval.


Pain management

No extra services.



No extra services.




Caregiver services 

  • Yearly flu vaccine for members’ household caregivers without other coverage.
  • Community “Welcome Rooms” at 6 offices for caregiver respite, plus mobile pop‐ups for caregivers ages 21 and up, with temporary rest and relief from caregiving for an active Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) or Aged, Blind or Disabled (ABD) member.
  • Pertussis vaccine (whooping cough shot) for caregivers ages 12 and up who do not have other coverage and live in household with a pregnant member.
  • Individual counseling and therapy for caregivers ages 21 and up for burnout, emotional distress and depression, with PCP or treating doctor's pre-approval.


Diabetes care

  • Device for members with diabetes to measure blood glucose and send alerts to member's provider and/or caregiver.


Emergency Assistance

  • Community paramedic home visits, education and services beyond traditional emergency care and transport for members who qualify.

Equine therapy

  • 10 free horseback riding sessions per year for members ages 6 and up with cerebral palsy or autism, with provider referral.


Hearing exam

  • 1 hearing exam every 2 years and 1 hearing aid every 2 years if needed, for members ages 21 and up.


Quit tobacco

  • 12-month program, including support to quit smoking, a health coach and nicotine replacement, lozenges, patches or gum, using the state's Quit Line Program.