About the Landfill

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Lincoln County Landfill operates on approximately 300 acres in Crouse, NC. There are seven convenience sites for household waste and recyclable material located throughout the county. These conveniences sites are meant for residential use to accommodate Solid Waste related needs of Lincoln County residents. The Landfill location can also accept these materials and has recycling capabilities. Only waste generated inside Lincoln County can be accepted at the landfill and convenience sites. Out-of-county waste WILL NOT be accepted.

The landfill was expanded in 2017. The landfill is expected to sustain Lincoln County for 25+ years. The Solid Waste Department has expanded the landfill to keep up with the needs of Lincoln County residents and increasing growth of Lincoln County.

The Landfill is a complex system that is maintained by Lincoln County Solid Waste. Lincoln County operates a Subtitle D landfill to ensure the environmental safety and quality for Lincoln County residents. The Lincoln County Solid Waste Department seeks ways to improve waste and recycling handling methods to better serve residents throughout the community.

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How much Waste & Recycling did Lincoln County collect in 2020-2021?

About 20% of collected materials were Recyclable, while about 67% was Household Waste/Municipal Solid Waste, and about 13% was Construction & Demolition waste. 21-22 Totals Image

Contact the Landfill

Lincoln County Solid Waste
5291 Crouse Road, Crouse, NC 28033
(704) 732-9030