Fire Marshal

The Lincoln County Fire Marshal is responsible for overseeing the planning, coordinating, and administering of the countywide fire service programs involving inspections, plan reviews, fire code enforcement, fire prevention, fire investigations, and fire & life safety education programs.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to protect life and property from all risks and threats which would be accomplished through fire inspections, fire & life safety education, responding to emergencies and fire investigations; to meet all community needs within the limits of our resources and within the limits of our expertise; and to carefully manage the resources granted to our department by the County Commissioners.

How do I report a violation?

A hazard or violation may be reported at any time. They may be reported directly to the Fire Marshal's Office during normal working hours. After normal working hours or on weekends and holidays call the Lincoln County Communications Center on their non-emergency number. They will notify the on-call personnel from the Fire Marshal's Office.

Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm Call 704-736-8516

Weekdays after 5 pm and before 8 am Call 704-735-8202

Weekends and Holidays Call 704-735-8202 

Additional Information

Now that the fire is out, what do I do?

We realize that the trauma of a fire is rapidly surpassed by the shock of realization that comes afterwards. Tasks such as clean up, repairs and replacement are questions you may have. The link below will provide answers to questions that may arise during your clean up. 

Now that the fire is out, what do I do?