Emergency Management

CDC COVID-19 Guidance

The link below provides guidance for businesses, colleges, schools, childcare facilities, health care providers, long-term care facilities and social services. 

CDC COVID-19 Guidance 

McGuire Nuclear Station Exercise on Tuesday, Aug. 13 

The federally-graded exercise is conducted every two years to test emergency procedures at the plant and in the county and state government agencies as required by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Federal Emergency Management Agency.

For more information please visit: NC Department of Public Safety/Press Release

Why We're Here

The Emergency Management Department is responsible for protecting the people of Lincoln County from the effects of disasters, both natural and manmade. Emergency Management coordinates response and relief activities in the event of a disaster or emergency. Contingency plans are developed for each hazard. The plans are regularly tested, refined, and tested again. All with the goal of protecting or saving lives and property. By providing expertise, support and personnel, the division carries out its theme of cooperation, coordination, and unity.

Our Mission Statement 

To provide the residents of Lincoln County with a comprehensive, integrated and coordinated public safety program through which risks are reduced, emergency services delivered and consequences of events managed to make our community a safe place to live, work and play. This accomplished through Mitigation, Planning, Response and Recovery.

Emergency Contacts (Contactos de emergencia):

 - Poison Control (El Centro de Toxicología)  


- CHEMTREC (Chemical spills or Clean up)   


 - DOT Emergency Response Guidebook

            DOT Emergency Response Guide Book (2012) -

 - Lincoln County Resource Guide (Guía de recursos)  

Lincoln County Resource Guide