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Agenda 06-19-2017

Lincoln County Board of Commissioners Meeting
Monday, June 19, 2017
6:30 PM

James W. Warren Citizens Center 
115 West Main Street
Lincolnton, North Carolina

  Call to Order - Chairman Bill Beam
  Moment of Silence
  Pledge of Allegiance
1. Adoption of Agenda
2. Consent Agenda
1.  Approval of Minutes 
2.  Vehicle Tax Systems Refunds for April, 2017
3.  Surplus Property
4.  Waived fees for Carolina Women's Conference
5.  Tax Requests for Releases 4/16 - 5/15/17
 3. Planning Board Recommendations - Randy Hawkins
 4. Keith Heavner Refund Request - Danny Hester
 5. Road Naming Public Hearings - Netta Anderson
 - Riverwalk Loop
 - Woodrun Lane
 6. Elijah Mosely Property Tax Hearing on parcel #58181 - Susan Sain
 7. Approval of Home and Community Care Block Grant - Kathryn Saine
 8. Presentation on first phase of the Peninsula Mobility and Emergency Access Plan - Andrew Bryant
 9. Approval of $6,000 contract with Centralina COG for administration of the Essential Single Family Rehabilitation Loan Pool funds as provided by the NC Housing Finance Agency - Andrew Bryant
 10.  Resolution #2017-7:  Resolution Requesting State Assistance for a Transportation Project Improving Public Safety Project - Commissioner Oakes
 11.  Public Comments  (15 minutes allowed per Rules of Procedure - 3 minutes per person)
12. Motion to award bid to ADW Architects for professional services to design the new West Lincoln Library - John Henry
13. Agreement for Rescue Squad Park - Josh Grant
14. JCPC County Plan - Deanna Rios
 15.  Request to authorize the Chairman to execute a contract with Southern Pump & Tank Company, LLC for $55,043.14. to relocate diesel fuel tank from 201 Gamble Drive to 5291 Crouse Road - Don Chamblee 
 16.  Budget Ordinance Amendment #11 - Deanna Rios
 16a. Budget Ordinance Amendment #12 - Deanna Rios
 17. Finance Officer's Report - Deanna Rios
 18. County Manager’s Report        
 19. County Commissioners’ Report
  20.  County Attorney’s Report
 21. Vacancies/Appointments           
 22. Calendar
 23. Other Business

Information Only - No Action Needed
 - Register of Deeds Report
 - Property Tax Collection Report  
 24. Closed Session to consult with County Attorney