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Agenda 12-01-2014



DECEMBER 1, 2014


  Call to Order - Tracy Jackson, County Manager
  Invocation – Commissioner Patton
  Pledge of Allegiance
  Induct Board of Commission Members
  By Fred Hatley, Clerk of Court
  Bill Beam
  Martin Oakes
  Seating of Board
  Election of Chair
  Election of Vice-Chair
  Induct Register of Deeds Danny Hester
  By Fred Hatley, Clerk of Court 
  Approval of Bond for Sheriff and Register of Deeds
  Recognition of Sheriff David Carpenter
  Recognition of Commissioner Service
  Public Congratulations – The Board will recess for public congratulations and reconvene in the Commissioner’s Room on the Third Floor.
1. Adoption of Agenda
2. Adoption of Rules of Procedure
3. Consent Agenda
        - Tax Requests for Releases
            - October 16 - November 15, 2014
        - CDBG Status Updates
        - Approval of Minutes       
        - Surplus Property
        - Waived fees
           - Deployment Ceremony for Alpha Battery, 1-113th Field Artillery
           - BPW - Apple Queen Pageant
4. New Business/Advertised Public Hearings
  ZMA #611 Robert Klinger, applicant (Parcel ID# 31890 and 75066) A request to rezone 4.0 acres from R-SF (Residential Single-Family) to B-N (Neighborhood Business). The property is located at 1853 N. NC 16 Hwy., on the west side of N.C. 16 Business at Woodhill Cove Lane, in Catawba
Springs Township.

ZMA #612 JVP Fit Enterprises, LLC (Parcel ID# 74083 and 33425) A request to rezone 1.8 acres from I-G (General Industrial) and B-N (Neighborhood Business) to B-G (General Business). The property is located at 3273 N. NC 16 Hwy., on the south side of N.C. 16 Business about 300 east of Denver Drive, in Catawba Springs Township.

PD #2010-2-A Baylor Properties Corp., applicant (Parcel ID# 34171) A request to modify a master plan for a mixed-use development. The approved master plan for the Cottonwood Village development calls for 252 multi-family dwelling units and 96,800 square feet of office/commercial space. The proposed new plan calls for 254 multi-family dwelling units, 60,000 square feet of office/commercial space, and a hotel. The request involves a 31-acre site located about 500 feet south of N.C. 73 and 700 feet west of N.C. 16 Business and bordering Advance Avenue, South Little Egypt Road and N.C. 16 Bypass, in Catawba Springs Township.
 5. Public Comments (15 minutes allowed per Rules of Procedure – 3 minutes per person)
 6. Project Jim Update - Cliff Brumfield and Kara Brown
 7. Exemption from RFQ Process for the evaluation and limited repair to the exterior panels of the Citizens Center and Bank of America Buildings - John Henry
 8. Motion to Approve Contract to provide Architectural Services by Stewart Cooper Newell (SCN) for relocating the Health Department to the old hospital - Don Chamblee
 9. Discussion concerning Construction and Demolition Debris at Convenience Sites
 10. Resolution Amending the Order Adopting the Schedule of Values - Commissioner Oakes
11. Motion to Enter Closed Session pursuant to NCGS § 143-318.11.  Closed sessions.

(a)        (6)        To consider the qualifications, competence, performance, character, fitness, conditions of appointment, or conditions of initial employment of an individual public officer or employee or prospective public officer or employee; or to hear or investigate a complaint, charge, or grievance by or against an individual public officer or employee. General personnel policy issues may not be considered in a closed session. A public body may not consider the qualifications, competence, performance, character, fitness, appointment, or removal of a member of the public body or another body and may not consider or fill a vacancy among its own membership except in an open meeting. Final action making an appointment or discharge or removal by a public body having final authority for the appointment or discharge or removal shall be taken in an open meeting.


12. Other Business
   * This meeting will begin in the Auditorium *