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Pending Applications

A pending zoning application is an application that has been submitted to Planning & Inspections, but a decision has not been rendered by the appropriate board.

The public is invited to attend the meetings, which are held in the Commissioners Room on the third floor of the:
James W. Warren Citizens Center
115 W. Main St.
Lincolnton, N.C.

For more information, contact Planning & Inspections at (704) 736-8440.

Zoning cases are split into two categories, Quasi-Judicial and Legislative, with different rules and procedures applying to each. A simplified guide to the differences in the cases is available here. Please read prior to planning to speak at a public hearing.

Zoning Number



Proposed Hearing Date

 UDO Proposed Amendments #2015-1  Lincolnton-Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce A proposal to amend Article 3 (General Development Standards) of the Lincoln County Unified Development as follows:
1) Amend Section 3.2 to delete façade requirements for side and rear walls of nonresidential buildings, to allow non-corrugated metal as a primary material on a road yard façade, and to delete requirements for service bay orientation and screening.
2) Amend Section 3.4.5 to state that foundation plantings shall be provided along building walls facing a public road or a parking area in a side yard (but not a parking area in a rear yard).
3) Amend Section 3.4.10 to apply the interior landscaping requirement to parking lots with more than 40 spaces (up from 25), and to state that no parking space shall be located more than 75 feet (up from 50) from a planting island located in the same row of spaces.  
4) Amend Section 3.5.9 to allow a developer of a commercial property to defer the construction of a driveway connection to adjacent property until the adjacent property is developed, and to allow the Director of the Planning and Inspections Department to waive the connection requirement in cases where property uses are not complementary or conducive for connections
 CUP #343 * Steve McCoy
A request for a conditional use permit to allow a detached garage to be built in front of a house on a lot that’s adjacent to Lake Norman. The 0.98-acre lot is located at 4846 Lynwood Road in Catawba Springs Township. 05/04/2015
 UDO Proposed Amendments #2015-2  Lincoln County Planning and Inspections Department A proposed to amend the Lincoln County Unified Development Ordinance as follows: 
1) Amend Section 3.4.8.A to allow drive-thru lanes to be placed between the road and the associated building.  
2) Amend Section 3.6.3.B.3 to make the maximum parking ratio applicable only to developments with more than 40 spaces and to increase the threshold for requiring pervious parking to 110 
percent of the required minimum number of spaces.    
3) Amend Section 3.6.3.C.2(b) to delete rescinded state stormwater requirements for parking areas of one acre or more that are not located in a water-supply watershed. 
4) Amend Section 5.10.3 to stipulate that the amount of a required warranty bond for subdivision improvements is not less than 10 percent of the construction costs, to clarify that the one-year 
bond period starts with the county’s acceptance or approval of improvements, to make the bond subject to the approval of the Board of Commissioners, and to allow an irrevocable letter of credit as a bond option.   
5) Amend Section 8.2.2.A to state that a Planning Board member may be appointed to a total of three successive three-year terms but no more than two successive terms in the same seat.
 VAR #410 Douglas Dellinger A request for a variance from Section 2.4.5.C of the Lincoln County Unified Development Ordinance to permit a side yard setback of 5 feet for a proposed house. The request involves a 2.5-acre parcel located on the east side of Little Creek Drive about 400 feet north of Pine Ridge Drive in Catawba Springs Township. Section 2.4.5.C states that the minimum side yard setback in the R-SF (Residential Single-Family) district is 10 feet. 05/26/2015 
 PD #2015-1  Campground 64, LLC Campground 64, LLC, is requesting the rezoning of 64 acres from R-SF (Residential Single-Family) to PD-R (Planned Development-Residential) to permit a subdivision with up to 150 single-family detached homes. The property (Parcel ID# 60047, 60237 and 29676) is located on the west side of Campground Road about 2,000 feet north of N.C. 16 Business.

Site Plan
Traffic Study
 ZMA #618  Betty Socie A request to rezone 0.7 acre from R-SF (Residential Single-Family) to B-N (Neighborhood Business). The property is located at 4360 N. NC 16 Hwy., on the east side of N.C. 16 Business about 250 feet south of Balsom Ridge Road, in Catawba Springs Township.  06/01/2015
 CUP #344  ATOOD, LLC A request for a conditional use permit to establish a solar farm in the R-T (Transitional Residential) and R-R (Rural Residential) districts. The proposed 129-acre site is located on the west side of Mariposa Road about 1.5 miles south of Old Plank Road in Catawba Sprints Township.   06/01/2015
* - Quasi-Judicial Case