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Family and Children's Medicaid
The Family & Children’s Medicaid Unit administers Medicaid to individuals or couples who have children under the age of twenty-one (21) living with them and to individuals or couples who are expecting a child.

The most common programs are as follows:
  • Medicaid for Families with Dependent Children (MAF) – Medical coverage for single parents or couples with children under age 19 in their household or for children ages 19 through age 20
  • Medicaid for Infants and Children (MIC) – Medical coverage for children under the age of 19 whose parents’ income is below the income limit for the age group
  • Medicaid for Pregnant Women (MPW) – Medical coverage for pregnant women whose income is below the allowable limit

This unit also administers the program called NC Health Choice for Children. The program is health insurance for children through age 18 with family income below or at 200% of the Federal poverty level. Children cannot be eligible for Medicaid or be covered by private health insurance.

Adult Medicaid
The Adult Medicaid unit works with aged, blind, and disabled individuals who have no minor children in their home. The unit is divided into different sections as follows:
  • Private Living (Individuals living in their home or the home of another)
  • Long Term Care, Special Assistance and CAP
Workers in the private living section work with clients who are not in a nursing home or rest home and who are not requesting or receiving CAP. If the client is under 65 years of age and has not been determined disabled by Social Security, the worker must gather information regarding disability and submit this information to Disability Determination Section in the state office.

Workers in the Long Term Care, Special Assistance, and CAP unit work with clients who have been placed or are in immediate need of placement in a nursing home or rest home. They, also, work with clients who are requesting CAP (Community Alternative Placement) services in order to remain in their home as long as possible. They work very closely with the Adult Service unit.

The Adult Medicaid unit works with the following programs:
  • Medicaid to the aged (65 years old or older)
  • Medicaid to the Disabled (under 65 years old with or without disability determined)
  • Medicaid to the Blind
  • MQB (Medicaid to Medicare Qualified Beneficiaries) MQB-Q, MQB-B,MQB-E, and QI2.
  • Special Assistance to the Aged (65 years or older and in a rest home)
  • Special Assistance to the Disabled (under 65 years old and in a rest home)
  • Special Assistance/In Home
  • CAP Medicaid (Medicaid for Community Alternative Placement)
For more information you may go to the NC Division of Medical Assistance website.