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Starting Your Own Business

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Getting Started

Search our Catalog by Keyword for: Small Business or Entrepreneurship

  • The Accidental Entrepreneur: 50 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Starting a Business
    by Susan Urquhart-Brown, 658.1 URQ
  • Legal Forms for Starting & Running a Small Business
    by Fred S. Steingold, 346.73 STE
  • Legal Guide for Starting & Running a Small Business
    by Fred S. Steingold, 346.73 STE
  • Limited Liability Company: Small Business Start-Up Kit: The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Limited Liability Company
    by Daniel Sitarz, 346.73 SIT
  • The Small Business Start-Up Kit
    by Peri Pakroo, 346.73 PAK
  • Sole Proprietorship: Small Business Start-Up Kit
    by Dan Sitarz, 346.73 SIT
  • The Women's Small Business Start-Up Kit: A Step-By-Step Legal Guide
    by Peri Pakroo, 658.1 PAK

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Business Plans

Search our Catalog by Subject for: Business Planning.

  • Anatomy of a Business Plan: A Step-By-Step Guide to Building a Business and Securing Your Company's Future
    by Linda Pinson, 658.5 PIN
  • Business Plans That Work: For Your Small Business
    658.4 BUS
  • How to Write a Business Plan (9th Ed)
    by Mike McKeever, 658.15 MCK
  • The Right-Brain Business Plan: A Creative, Visual Map for Success
    by Jennifer Lee, 658.4 LEE

[Getting Started] -- [Business Plans] -- [Financing] -- [Franchises] -- [Home-Based] -- [Other Resources]


Search our Catalog by Keyword for: Business Financing.

  • Business Loans from Family & Friends: How to Ask, Make it Legal & Make It Work
    by Asheesh Advani, 658.15 ADV
  • Get Your Business Funded: Creative Methods for Getting the Money You Need
    by Steven D. Strauss, 658.15 STR

[Getting Started] -- [Business Plans] -- [Financing] -- [Franchises] -- [Home-Based] -- [Other Resources]


Search our Catalog by Keyword for: Franchises.

  • Franchise Bible: How to Buy a Franchise or Franhise Your Own Business (6th Ed)
    by Erwin J. Keup, 658.87 KEU
  • Franchise Times Guide to Selecting, Buying & Owning a Franchise
    by Julie Bennett & Cheryl R. Babcock, 658.8 BEN

[Getting Started] -- [Business Plans] -- [Financing] -- [Franchises] -- [Home-Based] -- [Other Resources]


  • Work At Home Opportunities: From medical billing and envelope stuffing to assembly and craft work, learn what questions to ask to deterimine if a work at home job opportunity is fraudulent.

Search our Catalog by Keyword for: Home-Based Business or by Subject for Home-Based Business Series.

  • Home Business Tax Deductions: Keep What You Earn
    by Stephen Fishman, 343.73 FIS
  • How to Start a Home-Based Business
    by Bert Holtje & Susan Shelly, 658.041 HOL
  • How to Start and Operate Your Own Home-Based Business [DVD]
    Business HOW DVD
  • Making Money from Home: How to Run a Successful Home-Based Business
    by Donna Partow, 658 PAR

[Getting Started] -- [Business Plans] -- [Financing] -- [Franchises] -- [Home-Based] -- [Other Resources]

Other Resources

Search by Keyword in our Catalog for: Small Business Law or Small Business Marketing.

  • Bankruptcy for Small Business Owners: How to File for Chapter 7
    by Stephen Elias, 346.73 ELI
  • Protecting Your Business: Disaster Preparation and the Law
    by Margaret C. Jasper, 658.4 JAS
  • Save Your Small Business: 10 Crucial Strategies to Survive Hard Times or Close Down & Move On
    by Ralph Warner & Bethany K. Laurence, 658.4 WAR
  • Self-Employed Tax Solutions: Quick, Simple, Money-Saving, Audit-Proof Tax and Record Keeping Basics for the Independent Professional
    by June Walker, 343.73 WAL
  • Small Business Accounting
    by Andy Lymer, 657.9 LYM

[Getting Started] -- [Business Plans] -- [Financing] -- [Franchises] -- [Home-Based] -- [Other Resources]

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