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Lincoln County Government
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Lincolnton, NC 28092
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Bid Number: RFB 2014-0709 – Garbage Collec
Bid Title: Dumpster & Roll-Out Cart Garbage Collection
Category: Maintenance
Status: Closed
Bid Recipient: John Isenhour, CLGPO


RFB #2014-0709 – Garbage Collections 

RFB #2014-0709 – Garbage Collections
TITLE: Dumpster & Roll-Out Cart Garbage Collection
USING AGENCY: Lincoln County
ISSUE DATE: June 11, 2013
BID TYPE: Informal Sealed

                            JOHN ISENHOUR, CLGPO 
                            PURCHASING OFFICE 
                            THIRD FLOOR CITIZENS CENTER 
                            115 WEST MAIN STREET 
                            LINCOLNTON, NC 28092 
                            Phone: 704-736-8478 

Sealed Informal Bids are due before 2:00 pm, Tuesday, July 9, 2013.

This is an informal sealed request and there will not be a public opening of the bids.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Indicate firm name, and RFB number (2014-0709 – Garbage Collection) on the front of each sealed proposal envelope or package, along with the date for receipt of bids listed above. Direct all inquiries and questions concerning this RFB to: John Isenhour, CLGPO: 

NOTE: Questions concerning the specifications in this Request for Bids will be received until 4:00 pm, Thursday, June 20, 2013. A summary of all questions and answers will be posted on the internet as an addendum by close of business on Monday, June 24, 2013, located under the RFB # being modified. It is the offeror's responsibility to assure that all addenda have been reviewed and, if need be, signed and returned.

1. Project Scope
1.1 Project Description
Lincoln County is seeking Informal bids for garbage dumpster service at approximately 11 locations of County Maintained or County owned Buildings located in Lincolnton, North Carolina.

1.2 Scope of Work
The service sought will consist of dumpsters and 96 gal. Rollout carts. This will be an all-inclusive service for garbage at various locations that will include, but not limited to, providing dumpsters or rollout cans, emptying of dumpsters or rollout cans on a schedule, and disposing of the garbage in a certified landfill.

Dumpster or can size, location, and frequency of emptying of containers:

Dumpster Size Address Weekly service Bi-weekly service Bi-monthly service
6 Yd. Citizens Center – 115 W. Main Street - Lincolnton, NC  


6 Yd. Health Department – 168 Sigmon Road – Lincolnton, NC


6 Yd. Gaston College - 511 South Aspen Street – Lincolnton, NC  


8 Yd. DSS - 1136 East Main Street – Lincolnton, NC


8 Yd. Animal Services - 650 John Howell Memorial Drive, Lincolnton, NC 28092


8 Yd. EMS Main Station - 720 John Howell Memorial Drive, Lincolnton, NC 28092


6 Yd. Grounds – 874 Startown Road – Lincolnton, NC    


2 - 2 Yd. dumpsters with wheels (casters) Killian Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant


2 – 96-Gal. carts EMS Station #2 – 120 Cedar Grove Church Road, Vale, NC


2 – 96-Gal. carts EMS Station #3 – N. Hwy. 16, Denver, NC


2 – 96-Gal. carts EMS Station #9 (Howards Creek Fire Department) – HWY 27 W. Lincolnton



Under no circumstances will the garbage dumpster service allow for travel time, mileage, fuel surcharge, or Environmental Recovery Fee to be paid by the County.

The County at its discretion may award as two separate contracts (one for dumpsters and one for roll-out carts) however; the intent is to award a single contract for both services. Regardless of the number of contracts awarded, the contract period shall be for a one (1) year period with renewal option

2. Procuring and Contracting Office
2.1 RFB Submittals:
This Request for Bids (RFB) is issued by the Purchasing Agent and the Lincoln County Manager’s Office, which is the sole point of contact during this selection process. The County’s intent for this RFB is the permitting of competition. It is the responsibility of those submitting bids to advise the County in writing if any language, requirement, specification, etc., or any combination thereof, inadvertently restricts or limits the requirements stated in this RFB to a single source. The County must receive such notification no later than the due date listed for questions and clarifications concerning the bid. Vendors must submit notifications to the following address:

Lincoln County Manager’s Office
C/O John Isenhour, CLGPO
Purchasing Office
Third Floor Citizens Center
115 West Main Street
Lincolnton, NC 28092
Phone: 704-736-8478

2.2 Questions, Clarification, and Interpretation
All questions, clarifications, discrepancy in, or omissions and interpretation concerning this request for bids shall be submitted in writing no later than Thursday, June 20, 2013 by email, to . The County will issue an addendum in response to questions and provide clarifications before 5:00 pm, Monday, June 24, 2013. No contact shall be made with County personnel other than the contact listed above for Questions, Clarifications, and Interpretation. The County will not be responsible for any oral representations or instructions.

2.3 Addenda
Vendors are cautioned that requirements of this RFB can only be altered by written addenda and verbal communications from whatever sources are of no effect

2.4 Pre-Bid Conference
This solicitation will not require a pre-bid conference.

2.5 Calendar of Events

Event Date
RFB Available June 11, 2013
Pre-Bid Conference Not Required
Question/Clarification due date  June 20, 2013
Addendum Issued June 24, 2013
Bids Due July 09, 2013
Contract Recommendation July 15, 2013
Contract TBD
Implementation TBD

2.6 Award of Contract
The Offeror or Offerors bid which is the lowest responsible bid received and in the best interest of the County will be recommended as the successful Vendor or Vendors. The County shall have the right to add/delete services at any or locations included or subsequently may have been omitted, if such shall be considered by the County to be most advantageous or to constitute its best interest. The County reserves the right to reject any and all bids or proposals, to waive any technicalities associated with the bid or proposal, and to make the award that it deems in the best interest of the County.

The County will post on the County’s website the bid tabulation a minimum of 48 hours prior to the award recommendation(s) date stated in the Calendar of Events. The county’s intent is to award a one (1) year contract or contracts with an option for up to four (4) one (1) year extension. This contract will not automatically renew.

2.6.1 Selection Process The County shall conduct a comprehensive, fair, and impartial evaluation of the bids received in response to this request. It is the intent to award this contract to a single Vendor. However, the County reserves the right to award to multiple vendors if in the best interest of the County. Lincoln County reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Successful Bidder or Bidders The Offeror whose bid is deemed to be in the best interest of Lincoln County based upon cost and experience will be recommended as the successful vendor or vendors. The selected vendor or vendors will be recommended to the Assistant County Manager with justification for the recommendation for award to be included on the BOC Agenda for contract approval/award.

2.7 Preparing and Submitting a Proposal
2.7.1 Bid Submittals
Bid submittal information shall be in a sealed package clearly marked with the following:

RFB # 2014-0709 - Dumpster Service

2.7.2 Cost For Proposal Preparation:

Any costs incurred by offerors in preparing or submitting offers are the offeror’s sole responsibility; Lincoln County will not reimburse any offeror for any costs incurred in submitting a proposal. 

General Instructions
All bids submitted are subject to the provisions of the Request for Bid, Terms and Conditions, Specifications and General Instructions. The County objects to and will not evaluate or consider any additional terms and conditions submitted with an offeror’s response. Do not attach any additional terms and conditions. By execution and delivery of this document, the bidder agrees that any additional terms and conditions, whether submitted purposely or inadvertently, shall have no force or effect.

Complete Bid Description on PDF Form
Publication Date/Time:
6/11/2013 2:00 PM
Closing Date/Time:
7/9/2013 2:00 PM
Bid Opening Information:
Informal Sealed Request
Contact Person:
John Isenhour CLGPO
Third Floor Citizens Center
115 West Main Street
Lincolnton, NC 28092
Phone: (704) 736-8478
Fax: (704) 735-0273
Business Hours:
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Fax Number:
(704) 735-0273
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