Accessory Care Provider ApplicationThis form allows for a temporary second residence for the specific use of taking care of an incapacitated family member.
Appeal ApplicationUse this form to request an appeal to a decision made by the Zoning Administrator. Application Deadlines
Complaint FormsThese forms are for zoning complaints only. They may be mailed or brought into the office personally. These forms are public records and do not require a signature.
Special Use Permit ApplicationUse this form to request a use that may be allowed as a special use within a particular zoning district. Special conditions may be applied to the use. Application Deadlines
Green Building Construction Incentive ApplicationThis application allows commercial projects to apply for a rebate of construction costs for projects that meet the United States Greeen Building Council LEED construction standards.
Mobile Home Removal ExtensionThis application allows for an extension of time when the removal of a mobile home had been delayed by unforeseen circumstances.
Conditional Zoning ApplicationThis form is for a process of rezoning that places conditions on the specific use. Application Deadlines
Planned Development ApplicationUse this from to apply for a Planned Development District
Sign Permit ApplicationObtain this form before the placement of signs.
Temporary Use Permit ApplicationThis form is to review and properly permit any use as defined in Article 4 of the UDO as a Temporary Use. 
Variance ApplicationUse this form to request a variance from the zoning requirements. Application Deadlines
Watershed Permit ApplicationFor pools, this insures compliance with buffer regulations along Lake Norman. Also, it regulates and lists limitations for built-upon areas within the various Lincoln County watershed areas. Application Deadlines
Zoning Map Change ApplicationUse this form to request that property be rezoned to a different zoning district. Application Deadlines
Unified Development Ordinance Text Change ApplicationAllows for the submittal and change of text located within the Lincoln County Unified Development Ordinance. Application Deadlines
Zoning Permit ApplicationThis form should be submitted with any permit application that would trigger verification of zoning compliance (new construction, addition, fencing, accessory building, demolition, grading, etc.)