Child Protective Services (CPS)

Intake Services

Child Protective Services intake is handled by this unit. This social worker takes all reports of abuse, neglect and dependency receives all calls concerning general questions regarding children's services. Child Protective Services Reports can be made by calling 704-736-8678 during normal business hours or by calling the Communication Center at 704-735-8202 after hours and on weekends or in the event the county offices are closed.

Assessment Services

The Child Protective Services Assessment Unit's are responsible for investigating or assessing any report of child abuse, neglect, or dependency received by the agency that fits the legal definition set by the North Carolina Legislature.

This unit also provides voluntary services known as outreach services, which are provided to families that a report has been screened out but they could still use some assistance.

For more information view the NC Division of Social Services website

In-Home Services

The Child Protective Service In-Home Services is a legally mandated program that plays an important role in the Scope of Child Protective Services. It is the portion of child protective services that works to prevent the future abuse, neglect or dependency of a child.

The purpose of In-Home Services is to monitor the safety of children and to assist the parents in changing their harmful behaviors that put children at risk.

The ultimate goal of In-Home Services is to assist the parents in providing a safe, nurturing home environment for the children.

Additional Information

For more information, go to the NC Division of Social Services website or contact Social Services at 704-736-8678.