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Baby Proofing and Kids Home Safety Guide
International Critical Incident Stress
Lincoln County Schools Home Page
Lincoln County Sheriff's Home
NC Emergency Management Association
NC Emergency Management Training & Exercise
NC Engineering and Code
NC Fallen Firefighters
NC Fire Marshal's
NC State Fire Marshal Office - OSFM
NC State Firemen's
Volunteer Fire Insurance

Useful Information

Autumn Safety244 KB
Bulk Water Haulers31 KB
Campfire Safety33 KB
Carbon Monoxide Detector Placement64 KB
Chimney Fires40 KB
Disaster Plan92 KB
Disaster Supplies Kit69 KB
Fire Extinguisher Sales14 KB
Fire Prevention79 KB
Fireworks Safety1.5 MB
Floods79 KB
Home and Major Chemical Emergencies83 KB
How Safe is Your Rental?48 KB
How To Put Out Grease Fires38 KB
How To Use a Fire Extinguisher1.49 MB
Hurricane Safety310 KB
Overheating 792 KB
Protect Yourself From the Heat63 KB
Recommended Locations for Smoke Alarms170 KB
Spring Safety143 KB
Thunderstorms80 KB
Winter Safety98 KB
Winter Storms82 KB
Who Provides Carbon Monoxide Detectors in NC?70 KB